The Year In Review

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It has been a great year for the CFMO, and we are delighted with the success that our campaign has achieved in such a short space of time.

Since launching our website in February 2015, we have received over 90,000 unique visitations from people across the world, and our online petition, advocating for free movement between the UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, has received over 106,000 signatures and has been submitted to all 4 respective governments. Numerous MPs and government officials have pledged their support for our proposals and we will be working with them to ensure increased exposure for free movement and parliamentary support.

The general public have also demonstrated incredible support for our freedom of movement initiative, with CBC News (Canada) surveying nearly 195,000 people, and an overwhelming 92% voting in favour of open borders for citizens of the UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. A YouGov (UK) poll also concluded that over 58% of British citizens favour free movement within these Commonwealth countries, compared to only 19% opposed.

Last but not least, we have established affiliations with numerous organisations across the Commonwealth to advance our cause, including the Australian Tax Payers Alliance, the United Commonwealth Society, the Australia & New Zealand Students for Liberty Organisation and many others. We will be working closely with our affiliates in 2016 to secure increased publicity for our proposals and campaigns.

As well as securing media coverage across the world (most notably; BBC News, CBC News, 7 News Australia and TVNZ), we have already lined up interviews, press releases and talks within universities for the new year, and we will keep our supporters up to date with the latest news and information via our social media sites.

From everyone here at the CFMO, we wish to thank all of our supporters for their help and efforts, and we look forward to leading the campaign for free movement between the UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand into the New Year and beyond.

[Image Attribution: “Mayor of London New Years Eve” – Titanium Fireworks]