• Decision Time Australia: Election Day

    It has been a long election campaign, but today, Australians will go to the polls and vote for their next national government.

    Nearly 15.5 million people are casting their ballots, and while the current government is expected to retain power, it is also expected to lose many seats, with current polls indicating the possibility of a hung parliament.

    The current Liberal Party Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, is being challenged by the Labor Party's Bill Shorten, but many others have pitched campaigns for the public's interest, including the Liberal Democrats who publicly support freedom of movement with the United Kingdom, Canada and New Zealand.

    Both major parties have included the UK's recent "Brexit" result as campaign material, promising economic stability following the United Kingdom's withdrawal from the European Union.

    Polls have indicated that Malcolm Turnbull's party may just edge the election, as only recently, cooperation with New Zealand was promised to establish new trade and immigration deals with the United Kingdom (potentiating discussions about freedom of movement between the UK, Canada and New Zealand).

    Following the outcome of the general election, we will immediately advocate the free movement campaign to new and re-elected Members of Parliament, with the aim of ensuring freedom of movement is included in the upcoming trade and immigration talks with New Zealand's Prime Minister, John Key.

    To assist our campaign and promote free movement to your newly elected/re-elected Member of Parliament, please join our email campaign or get in touch with your MP via the Australian Parliamentary Members' website.

    For more information about our campaign in Australia, please contact our Representative for Australia, Andrew Walton, at Andrew.Walton@CFMO.org.

    [Image Attribution]: Malcolm Turnbull votes - Reuters