• CFMO Report: ''Canada & UK Most Popular Destinations Under Free Movement''

    From August 22nd to October 10th 2016, citizens across CANZUK nations were asked to complete our online survey and provide information regarding freedom of movement between the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

    Over 2,100 CANZUK citizens participated in our online survey
    Participants (2,188 in total) were asked a variety of questions, including their intentions to relocate should a free movement initiative be introduced, why they would consider relocating, and which CANZUK country they would most likely consider relocating to if a freedom of movement policy was introduced.

    The survey results concluded that if freedom of movement was enacted, the United Kingdom would be the most considered destination for Australian, New Zealand and Canadian citizens, while Canada would be the most considered destination for British citizens.

    In addition, 66% of respondents would consider utilising free movement for the experience of living and working abroad, while 53% would consider doing so for travel and tourism and 34% would do so for long term opportunities with respect to their chosen careers.

    We would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who participated, as your opinions will help us campaign more effectively for free movement between the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada, and provide politicians with informative data regarding how a free movement initiative may be implemented in the future.

    The results of our survey will be published and presented to the UK, Australian, New Zealand and Canadian national governments to aid an effective policy of free movement between our four countries.

    To view our online survey report, please use the online viewer below.

    Alternatively, should you wish to download and share our report, please click here.

    For more information concerning our report, and our online survey, please contact us at support@CFMO.org