• Our Online Petition: The Statistics So Far...

    Our online petition advocating the introduction of free movement between Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom has received over 168,000 signatures (and continuing to rise).

    According to the latest statistics provided by Change.org:

    Over 41,000 signatures are from Australian citizens

    Over 45,000 signatures are from Canadian citizens

    Over 27,000 signatures are from New Zealand citizens

    Over 55,000 signatures are from British citizens

    These are terrific numbers in support of our campaign, and we thank all those who have signed and shared our petition, as each signature helps us move closer to achieving our goal of free movement within the four Commonwealth nations.

    To sign our petition (which is viewed daily by politicians, diplomats and government ministers), please click here.

    You can also make a donation to the Commonwealth Freedom of Movement Organisation by clicking here. We are grateful for all forms of support regarding our campaign for CANZUK free movement.