• CANZUK International Undertakes Québec Research

    CANZUK International is conducting regional research into the opinions of free trade, free movement and foreign policy coordination between the CANZUK nations, for citizens residing within Québec, Canada.

    Montreal is the most populated city in the Province of Québec in Canada  (photo: MSN)

       Written by James Skinner

    Québec is home to over 8.3 million citizens, with 78% speaking French as a first language. Over 40% speak English and French bilingually.

    CANZUK International invites all Canadian citizens, who permanently reside in the Province of Québec, to undertake our 2 minute survey. This survey will collect information regarding Québécois sentiment towards Canada adopting free trade and free movement policies with Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

    As Québec is a majority Francophone Province, we are researching the opinions of Québec residents regarding Canada's place in a future CANZUK initiative. The study will focus on Québécois preferences towards free movement and whether closer diplomatic ties with Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom would be advantageous for Québec's economy and culture.

    The survey can be completed here, or via the interactive survey sheet below. All responses will be confidential and validated for accuracy.

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