Share Your Story And Tell Us Why You Support Free Movement

If you support free movement between the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and Canada and have experienced hardship due to immigration controls between these countries, we want to hear from you.

Since 2015, thousands of people across our nations have been denied jobs, access to their families and rights to permanent residency because of excessive immigration laws. We share the same Head of State, the same culture, the same common-law legal system, the same Commonwealth ancestry and even the same language, yet are subject to arduous visa/permit restrictions that prevent our four nations from prospering under freedom of movement.

Whether you were unable to emigrate to New Zealand because of the restrictive “Expression of Interest” protocols, delayed in coming to Canada because of lengthy sponsorship applications, unable to afford the high-cost of emigrating to Australia, or denied the right to remain in the UK because of excessive income requirements, we want to hear about it.

All submissions will be reviewed, and many will feature on our website as personal testimonials. As such, these will feature as individual endorsements for introducing free movement between the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada, and help our campaign by providing valuable reasons for advocating free movement with Members of Parliament and government Ministers.

To submit your story or reasons why free movement should be introduced, please use our contact form, or email us directly at