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New Zealand Political Party Proposes CANZUK Freedom Of Movement

The ACT New Zealand Party’s leader, David Seymour, has called for free movement between New Zealand, Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom.

David Seymour has proposed CANZUK free movement
(photo: Getty Images)

In a statement released via the ACT Party’s website, Seymour stated how the UK’s decision to leave the European Union, and its current review of immigration protocols, is the perfect opportunity to propose a free movement zone with New Zealand.

Successful nations like Britain and New Zealand shouldn’t be putting up walls and shutting off from each other when it’s the exchange of ideas that has made our nations so prosperous. Brexit provides new options as Britain pivots away from European immigration. Let’s approach Britain with a proposal for a two-way free movement agreement, similar to what we have with Australia“.

Seymour also proposed expanding the UK-New Zealand agreement following its incorporation:

In the long term, we could even negotiate a broader free movement zone for citizens of Britain, New Zealand, Australia and Canada – all English-speaking, industrialised Commonwealth nations. ‘CANZUK’. We already have strong connections with these nations through family, friendship, and business. Let’s break down the walls and make the great overseas experience even greater.

Seymour’s remarks compliment a recent international poll which shows 82% of the New Zealand public favour free movement with Australia, Canada and the UK.

We will be reaching out to the ACT Party and David Seymour to discuss ways in which our proposals can be advocated further within the New Zealand parliament.