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Why Our Supporters Back Freedom Of Movement

For many of our supporters, free movement is not just about promoting CANZUK diplomacy, increasing business opportunities and expanding our economies…it is about reuniting families, and settling in a place they call home.

Below, we have included some of the reasons why our supporters back free movement between the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada, and the difficulties faced by many individuals who wish to relocate, migrate and settle, but are unable to do so because of arduous immigration controls.

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I went to Australia on a working holiday visa in 2014. I immediately found a well paid job and a wonderful boyfriend from New Zealand. I felt so at home and content in Melbourne and did not want to leave.

After a year I was forced to leave due to my visa expiring. I went back to the UK and carried on my relationship with my boyfriend for another year and spent a lot of money flying back and forth to visit.

Unfortunately, we were forced to break up because attaining a partner/de-facto visa was so difficult. I would do anything to go back to Melbourne and have a happy life there. I have never felt at home in the UK.Jenny Maltby


I am Canadian and have dreamed of living in the UK since I was 8 years old.

I love my country, but I feel as though there’s always been something missing… I would love the opportunity for a fresh start where I can finally feel like I belong somewhere.

I’m a Dental Hygienist, but that won’t necessarily qualify me for a work visa. It’s not on the skills-shortage list, and I may not make the required yearly salary to qualify (my job is client dependent).

I also have friends and family who would love to live in Australia and New Zealand, but also can’t get the visa requirements. Freedom of movement would help so many dreams come true, and help so many people take the next steps in their lives…not to mention the possible economic benefits for the countries involved.Sarah Anam


We moved from the UK and have resided in Canada for over five years. We have good friends and have set up a life here, but our immigration status is very insecure.

We have applied for permanent residency, but a decision has been delayed for over a year and a half, despite us having fulfilled all the requirements. Our Canadian friends (shocked and surprised by our situation) have very kindly written letters, rang the immigration department and got in touch with MPs, all to no avail, and due to visa limitations, we may soon have to relocate back to the UK.

Even if I was not trying to emigrate to Canada, I would still be an eager supporter of the CFMO because it is fair, proper, workable, and beneficial for citizens of our four nations.Isaac Anderson


I am an Australian citizen, and have been married to my English wife for over 30 years. We have 3 children and would like to move to England.

My wife can move there at any time, as can my 3 children, without any restrictions. But under the current immigration restrictions within the UK, I can not join her or my children.

Getting a Visa is near impossible with the restrictions/conditions now imposed under UK law.Kim Wright


I’m from the UK and recently moved to Australia to be with my partner. My mother will never be able to see her grandchildren grow up because of Australia’s strict immigration laws. I just don’t think it’s fair at all.Holly Gallagher


I was born in New Zealand and lived here until I was 25. I decided to go travelling to the UK for a few months, but ended up staying for 2 years because I loved it so much.

I did everything possible to stay where I was in Edinburgh, but I was forced to leave because my job was not in high enough demand.

I have always loved the UK, and have never felt settled anywhere else. If free movement was introduced, I would catch the first flight back there and reunite with the wonderful life I had.Jake Rothering


I want to emigrate to Australia with my husband and two children. We looked at starting the visa process, but emigrating is simply not possible for our family with the application costs.

I am a highly skilled worker and would be a great asset to Australia’s health and social care sector.

I truly believe that free movement between these countries should happen for anyone who wants to start their journey abroad and emigrate with no restrictions.Lara Stewart


My wife and I tried to emigrate to Adelaide ten years ago. I was looking to get a 457 employers sponsored visa, but the organisation pulled the job offer just prior to our medical exams.

If free movement was available, we could have easily emigrated to South Australia. I am a qualified nurse with over 40 years experience in the Intellectual Disability Field (most of that as a manager of community based services).

Even ten years on, it is still a dream of mine to move to Adelaide.Shaun Price


I would be delighted to see freedom of movement between the UK and Australia, just so I could join my wife in the UK and we could build a life together.Daryl Freeland


Our daughter married an Australian and lived in Brisbane for two years. They have a son born in Australia and a daughter born in England.

At present, they live in England, but if they move back to Australia, we would miss them terribly.

Anything to make it easier for us to stay with them would be a great help.Nigel Mance


I grew up in Ontario but currently live in Auckland. I would love to stay here with my fiance, but visa regulations make it so difficult.

I am scared that my options to stay will run out, and consequentially, my fiance and I will have to start a new life somewhere else.

Even if we move to Ontario, the immigration protocols will be just as difficult for her. It shouldn’t be this difficult when our countries share so much history and common values.Andy Jerecks


I have found a job that I love here in Edmonton that was not available for me back in New Zealand. I have applied for permanent residency but the application costs, time and stress involved make it so difficult.

I have no idea whether I will even be allowed to stay given the complicated immigration system in Canada.

If free movement existed, I could stay here and work in my dream job with no worries whatsoever.Kelly Hampshire


I have been in Australia for 18 months, and soon, I will have to head back to the UK. I have worked so hard to achieve sponsorship here but I have had no success.

We should embrace free movement so that every individual (young and old) has the best opportunity available and the chance to form a better life.Mau Patel


I would love the opportunity to live in Canada again. New Zealand is a great place to live, but I have always felt at home in Toronto.

I had an excellent job, great friends and a great lifestyle, but all that was taken away because no opportunities for permanent residency existed for me.

Free movement would allow me, and thousands like me, to live in Commonwealth countries they consider as “home”, even though they may be thousands of miles away.Jason Reed


I’m a UK citizen who is applying for a marriage visa to move to Australia with my Australian wife, who herself last year received indefinite leave to remain in the UK.

 My visa will be almost £4,000, and hers was about £2,000; a significant expense for a newly married couple starting out.

I think the UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand have such natural ties that a long standing reciprocal arrangement makes sense.Christopher Wilmot