UK, Australia & Canada Global Leaders In Skilled Migration

According to the National Bureau of Economic Research, a vast majority of skilled immigrants move to one of four nations; the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and the United States.

Most skilled migrants travel to work in the UK, Australia & the USA
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The NBER paper entitled “Global Talent Flows” researched the movement of talented individuals across the world, and found that nearly 75% of highly skilled workers end up in these four countries.

The paper also predicts that the English-speaking nations will continue to attract the highest percentage of global skilled migration.

The attractiveness of English‐speaking, high‐income countries for high‐skilled migrants has led other destination countries, such as France, Germany and Spain, to increase their efforts to attract these workers,” the paper reads.

Nevertheless, the volume of skilled migration to the four Anglo‐Saxon countries, coupled with the significant asymmetry in the concentration of leading universities, high‐tech firms and research centres, implies that the global competition for skills will continue to be fierce and will likely remain unequal.

Canada is also aiming to increase the number of skilled immigrants arriving at its borders each year. With an ageing population and declining labour force, the current Liberal government is attempting to increase immigration in order to keep the economy growing.

The CFMO has already published reasons why freedom of movement with Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom would be the ideal solution for Canada’s immigration requirements, and you can read our full article here.

Businesses have often made the argument that current immigration programs in Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom do not allow them to bring in skilled international workers quickly enough, and as a result, the most sought after immigrants in the world end up moving to the United States. The USA currently receives 40% of the world’s most skilled immigrants according to the NBER paper.

Canada is committed to attracting more skilled migration
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However, applying free movement between Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom (the “CANZUK nations”) would allow each of these nations access to highly skilled workers, thereby increasing economic growth, innovation and investment.

A CANZUK union would also have the potential to develop as an economic global leader with USD $6.5 trillion in combined GDP and global trade of USD $3.5 trillion, thereby advancing trade, growth and diplomacy for greater prosperity and increased quality of life.

With tremendous access to skilled migration, economic prosperity, investment and trade opportunities, the CANZUK nations would greatly benefit from freedom of movement to grant skilled workers ease of access to employment opportunities and business developments not available under current immigration regulations.

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