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Leading Historian Proposes CANZUK Union As Objective

Speaking with the Competitive Enterprise Institute‘s radio show, Andrew Roberts (historian, author, and visiting professor at the War Studies Department at King’s College, London) discussed the future of western civilization and the proposal of a union between Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom to strengthen free trade, free movement and defense alliances between the four countries.

Andrew Roberts is a leading British author and historian (photo: University of Zurich)
In a detailed interview with radio show host, Bill Frezza, Roberts explained the strength of CANZUK countries united in economic and global affairs:

It would be extraordinarily strong. It would be the 3rd largest in terms of GDP per capita [and] it would be the 3rd strongest in the world in terms of defence. We already have the rule of law that is pretty much the same, all four countries have the same Head of State, we have the same language…we’ve got things that bind us that are far more than any normal union of states“.

Roberts also emphasized that the ideal goal of a union between Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom is to promote a defence agreement with “a free trading area with free movement of peoples“. In doing so, the four nations would be able to negotiate significant trade agreements with the USA and advocate greater trading relationships throughout the world.

The full interview can be listened to here.