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More Senior Canadian Politicians Back CANZUK

More Canadian CPC candidates have declared their support for CANZUK free movement and free trade this week, stating that Canada’s interests would be best served with Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom rather than via trade deals with other nations.

Multiple CPC leadership candidates have declared support for CANZUK  (photo: The Canadian Press / Jacques Boissinot)

   Written by James Skinner

Speaking at the CPC leadership debate in Vancouver, candidates Andrew Scheer and Chris Alexander were questioned about Canada’s future role “in the era of Brexit“, and whether it was ideal to pursue a deal on CANZUK trade and labour mobility rather than free trade with China.

Andrew Scheer responded: “Absolutely, I very much support a trade deal with those countries. Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom have a similar basis of law, they have a common democratic system, they have the same types of legislation and regulations around investment and trade. Those are the types of things we dont enjoy with China“.

I was a big proponent of Brexit before Brexit even happened [and] we should be pursuing a free trade deal immediately“.

Chris Alexander also responded: “I support these tighter relations with our traditional friends and allies, and we can do that immediately. We can do labour mobility…we have these reciprocal agreements with Australia and New Zealand already…“.

The increased interest for CANZUK within the CPC race comes after candidate Erin O’Toole made CANZUK free trade and free movement a lead platform within his campaign.

O’Toole was interviewed soon after the Vancouver leadership debate by Rebel Media, in which he stated the benefits of increased CANZUK relations and why ease of mobility should be extended to Australians, New Zealanders and Britons:

CANZUK International is continuing to reach out to CPC leadership candidates to ensure that free movement and free trade are supported throughout the leadership race, and also supported as priority issues within the parliament of Canada.

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