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Australia & New Zealand ”First In Line” For Brexit Deal

Australia and New Zealand will be first in line to sign a free trade agreement with the United Kingdom after it leaves the European Union, according to New Zealand’s Trade Minister.

Todd McClay has revealed New Zealand & Australia will be first in line for Brexit trade deals  (photo: Financial Tribune)

   Written by James Skinner

Addressing his followers on Twitter, Todd McClay confirmed that New Zealand and Australia would be the first to enter into a new arrangement with the UK when it leaves the European Union this month.

Mr McClay said: “For the first time, Liam Fox has confirmed New Zealand will be the first cab off the rank, along with Australia, when it comes to the new FTAs they do once they leave the European Union.

“We’ve been working hard at this for the last six or seven months, and it is extremely pleasing to hear because it means once the UK leaves the EU we have the opportunity to negotiate a high-quality, comprehensive free trade agreement, that will guarantee a secure ongoing access for Kiwis and Kiwi exporters to the important UK market.

“There’s still a lot more to do but our relationship with the United Kingdom is going from strength to strength.”

Mr McClay was speaking after he met with the UK’s International Trade Secretary, Liam Fox, who asserted the importance that the UK places on its trading relationship with New Zealand.

The confirmation is significant news for CANZUK International’s campaign, as multiple sources have confirmed that free trade agreements between Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom will likely include immigration deals for visa liberalisation and freer movement.

Former Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, has already called for free movement between Australia and the UK as part of any post-Brexit free trade agreement, as has Australia’s High Commissioner to the United Kingdom, Alexander Downer.

CANZUK International will continue to work with senior government officials and diplomats throughout the Brexit process to ensure trade and immigration deals are secured between the CANZUK nations following the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union.

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