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UK Radio Host Supports Free Movement Proposals

A leading presenter for LBC Radio in the United Kingdom has endorsed CANZUK freedom of movement, following former Prime Minister of Australia, Tony Abbott, calling for free movement between Australia and the UK last week.

Maajid Nawaz expressed his support for CANZUK free movement on LBC Radio this week  (photo: LBC Radio UK)

   Written by James Skinner

Speaking on his show, Maajid Nawaz explained why he supported Tony Abbott’s proposals for free movement, which would allow citizens to travel freely between Australia and the UK with unrestricted living and working rights:

If you make it very clear that it’s for work and not for welfare, you have the flexibility with free movement because the jobs market is in flux, its flexible…

The issue of free movement became a hot topic this week, as the UK government confirmed that Australia and New Zealand are first in line for post-Brexit trade deals, which are likely to include agreements involving visa liberalisation and freer movement.

Canada is also prioritised for post-Brexit agreements once UK Prime Minister, Theresa May, invokes Article 50 (the process required to formally leave the European Union) later this month.

With certain countries, if you opened up a free jobs market relationship with those countries, and said ”you can come here for work and not for welfare”, that would satisfy both the Brexiteers and the relationship that the Remainers wanted with the EU (but instead with other countries)”, Nawaz said.

CANZUK International will be meeting with senior government officials this month to ensure that CANZUK free movement is a priority policy for the UK government once withdrawal from the European Union is implemented. Updates regarding our progress will be published via our social media accounts.

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