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Poll Reveals Strong Support For Anglosphere Within Australia

The most recent poll for 2017, conducted by The Lowy Institute, has revealed positive sentiment in Australia towards the Anglosphere, most notably in areas of trust, friendship and overall feeling towards nations.

New Zealand and the UK ranked positively among Australians in a recent poll (photo: The Lowy Institute)

Written by James Skinner

James is the founder & chief executive of CANZUK International in Vancouver, Canada


The United Kingdom ranked highly among Australians for “trust in global powers”, with over 90% saying that they trust the United Kingdom “to act responsibly in the world”. This was in comparison to 64% for the United States, 54% for China and 38% for Russia.

In another area of the poll, New Zealand came top of whom Australians deem to be their “best friend in the world”:

“Australians continue to lean towards the Anglosphere. New Zealand is regarded as our best friend in the world by far, with 53% (up 21 points since 2014) nominating our close neighbour as “Australia’s best friend” of the six countries polled”.

The United Kingdom positioned second, tying with the United States.

As part of a unique polling method, Australians were also asked to position individual countries on a “feelings thermometer”. This measured Australians’ feelings towards a range of countries on a scale of 0° in temperature (coldest feelings) to 100° (warmest feelings).

The results concluded:

“This year, as in all of the last 12 Polls, an English-speaking nation has topped the Lowy Institute ‘feelings thermometer’. The Anglosphere nations of New Zealand and the United Kingdom — which this year are also two of Australia’s ‘best friends in the world’ — take first and second place on the thermometer (New Zealand at 85° and the United Kingdom at 81°)”.

This compared to 69° for the United States, 62° for the European Union and 59° for China.

Free trade was also of importance to those surveyed. When asked if free trade was a good thing or a bad thing for the economy and standards of living, 67% said it was a good thing, compared to 16% who believed it was bad. Over 61% believed free trade would be beneficial for Australian jobs, and 55% believed it would be beneficial for creating new jobs Down Under.

With strong support in Australia for establishing free trade, and very strong sentiment towards the Anglosphere nations, the Australian government has a strong mandate for establishing free trade between the CANZUK countries. Our recent survey also revealed that over 72% of Australians support reciprocal free movement agreements between Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom, with the Australian government publishing our report to base such free movement protocols on the Trans-Tasman Travel Agreement that exists between Australia and New Zealand.

Our full report, entitled “The Future of the Trans-Tasman Travel Agreement: Recommendations for the Australian Foreign Policy White Paper, 2017” can be viewed and downloaded here.

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