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CANZUK International To Secure Policy Commitments From Canadian Federal Parties

CANZUK International has confirmed its intentions to submit policy proposals and secure commitments from all major Canadian federal parties in the run up to their respective National Conventions in 2018.

CANZUK free movement has already received significant support on Parliament Hill in Ottawa (photo: Sean Kilpatrick/Canadian Press)
The policy proposals will detail how free movement of citizens between Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom will advance business, travel and employment opportunities for citizens, while developing economic growth, innovation and investment opportunities for the Canadian economy.

After holding personal meetings with senior government officials in the Canadian parliament, including the leader of the opposition, Andrew Scheer, Minister of Veteran’s Affairs, Erin O’Toole, former Minister and Diplomat, Chris Alexander, and Member for Beaches – East York, Nathaniel Erskine-Smith, CANZUK International has developed significant support for free movement and free trade on Parliament Hill in Ottawa.

Chief Executive of CANZUK International, James Skinner, stated:

“The support we have received from the public, and Members of Parliament in Canada, has been tremendous. We will be looking to utilize such support in the run-up to the 43rd general election, whereby major parties can adopt a CANZUK policy and implement free trade and free movement once elected.

“I have no doubt that any party which embraces our proposals as official party policy will receive a significant increase in votes, given the growing public support for greater relations between these four countries”.

In the most recent survey conducted by CANZUK International, over 77% of the Canadian public supported free movement with the UK, Australia and New Zealand, based on the functioning Trans-Tasman Travel Agreement that exists between Australia and New Zealand. This permits the free movement of citizens between the two countries while ensuring safeguards against the movement of individuals with terrorist affiliations, criminal charges and infectious health conditions.

Skinner reiterated that CANZUK International’s plan is to submit free movement policy proposals to all major federal parties in September 2017, and network across the country with senior government officials to ensure such proposals are adopted at each party’s National Convention in 2018.

“Naturally, we’ll be attending each of these conventions to ensure public and political support for CANZUK free movement is emphasized as much as possible”, said Skinner. “The public momentum is in our favour, so capitalizing on this momentum as each party establishes official party policy will benefit our campaign tremendously”.

The announcement ties in with CANZUK International’s aims to achieve significant immigration reform between the four countries by 2020.

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