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Australia, New Zealand & UK Continue Progress Towards Trade Agreements

The Department for International Trade in the United Kingdom has praised the continuous developments being made between Australia, New Zealand and the UK towards establishing post-Brexit trade deals ahead of the UK’s departure from the European Union in 2019.

Minister for Trade, Liam Fox, meets New Zealand’s Deputy Prime Minister, Winston Peters (photo: Zimbio)

Written by James Skinner

James is the founder & chief executive of CANZUK International in Vancouver, Canada


Dr. Liam Fox MP, who is the United Kingdom’s Secretary of State for International Trade and President of the Board of Trade, met with senior delegates from Australia and New Zealand to discuss the foundations of trade arrangements between the three countries.

Discussions covered a wide range of topics, including building a shared understanding of the countries’ approaches and ambitions for future trade and investment opportunities.

Dr. Fox, who has also been a long-time advocate of the UK leaving the EU and reconnecting with its closest Commonwealth partners, stated:

“Together, New Zealand and Australia account for over £15 billion of annual trade with the UK and we invest £42 billion into each other’s economies. With such strong links, I am delighted to see progress being made by our Australia and New Zealand trade working groups to reduce barriers to trade and work towards new trade agreements”.

The trade working groups have continued to embrace a strong political commitment to ensuring Australia, New Zealand and the UK achieve a comprehensive trading arrangement upon the UK’s departure from the European Union – a sentiment shared by senior officials in the countries, including Australia’s Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, and New Zealand’s Deputy Prime Minister, Winston Peters.

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Urgency for Canada to join future agreements between Australia, New Zealand and the UK – effectively formulating a CANZUK trade agreement – has also been echoed by the Leader of the Opposition in Canada, Andrew Scheer, stating that the Canadian government “should be doing that kind of work now”.

It is also anticipated that any trading arrangement between the CANZUK countries will incorporate policies of freer movement for citizens between the countries, given prior support from senior ministers and the growing public support for CANZUK International’s campaign.

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