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So You Think CANZUK Is Racist?

If you’ve kept up with the ongoing progress that CANZUK International has made towards establishing free movement, free trade and foreign policy between the CANZUK countries (Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom), you have probably heard the accusations of racism, xenophobia and imperial nostalgia towards our campaign on more than one occasion.

The CANZUK countries encompass ethnically diverse populations and opnely embrace multiculturalism (photo: Getty)

Written by James Skinner

James is the founder & chief executive of CANZUK International in Vancouver, Canada


These accusations are most commonly found on social media, usually exclaimed by politically-active individuals who see race as the root of all politics and skin colour as the only legitimate catalyst for policy reform.

Although a minority in society, these individuals have also found cause to criticize the CANZUK campaign with such accusations; the most frequent being “this is a campaign to unite white countries”, and “no India, or South Africa? Your organization hates people of colour”. I have even received one or two emails stating that CANZUK International is “obviously” funded by neo-nazi sympathizers, and CANZUK is an elaborate scheme to fiscally strangle non-white countries into economic submission. You couldn’t make this up.

It is unfortunate that in the 21st century, “racism” is a primary slur thrown by many who have no factual evidence to support their societal perceptions, and CANZUK is not exempt to these accusations.

The individuals who cry racism are usually (and sadly) political attention seekers who are determined to ensure their voices are heard by categorizing others with socially deplorable labels, just so they can feel morally superior and on the righteous side of politics. Call this harsh, but this is a sad reality in western civilization.

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The CANZUK campaign is a perfect example. The sole objective is to unite four progressive countries because of their various (and important) similarities: they each share the same Head of State, have highly developed economies, share a common-law legal system, cooperate under the Five Eyes agreement for defence and security, share the same parliamentary systems, speak the same majority language, embrace human rights and western values, and even share common ancestry through historical and familial bonds.

No other countries in the world share as much – socially or economically – as Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

Yet why is the CANZUK campaign “inherently racist” to some? “Because they are white countries”.

Those who cry this the loudest ignore the extensive similarities between these four countries, and focus solely on one (irrelevant) characteristic – race.

And why? Because they know such an accusation will draw attention to how “morally affluent” their global viewpoint is compared to everyone else’s. However, they ignore obvious facts which are commonsensical to the common man, because they would rather live in self-righteous ignorance than accept the fallacy of their own logic.

The most ironic of these is how CANZUK is criticized as a “union of white countries”, yet many individuals adopting this view are avid supporters of the European Union – the largest amalgamation of majority-white countries in the world. Each of the 28 member states in the EU have majority Caucasian populations and are all led by Caucasian premiers, yet not one allegation of racism is made towards this supranational embodiment.

In an attempt to provide further ammunition for their convictions, they claim the exclusion of other Commonwealth countries is absolute evidence of a white supremacist agenda, and a global conspiracy to advance the prosperity of white people.

However, they again ignore the economic truth that countries such as South Africa and India are either too economically disadvantaged or over-populated to function successfully under free movement, and would actually cause significant harm to their own societies (as well as the societies of CANZUK countries) were they to join a free movement agreement.

Not to mention, they further claim (somewhat derogatorily) that Canadians, Australians, New Zealanders and Britons are all white, snubbing the rich cultures these nations openly embrace such as the Māori, First Nations, Ngunawal, Inuit, Métis, Noongar and many others which have enriched each society and whose people are eligible to move freely under CANZUK propositions.

But as always, such details are irrelevant to some, because regardless of fact, common-sense or economic intuition, the labeling of others as racist is too convenient for their personal and political agendas.

It is also ironic that those crying racism towards economically and socially progressive policies such as CANZUK are unaware that others have no consideration of race, religion, creed or ethnicity in their support for such proposals. In fact, the only individuals who portray obsession and fixation on race are those crying racism themselves.

Nevertheless, it is fortunate that such individuals are politically isolated and taken with a grain of salt when projecting their theories of a CANZUK “white super-state”. The reality is something quite contrary, and one they adamantly refuse to accept.

CANZUK is now one of the fastest growing issues in international politics, receiving widespread support from senior government ministers and the general populace of each country. It is a movement that aims to unite four of the most progressive, diverse and proudly multi-cultural nations in the world, where law abiding citizens of all ethnicities can move freely, seek new employment opportunities, benefit from trading practices and embrace our shared respect for western values, human rights and the rule of law.

Those who overlook the blatantly obvious for a few seconds of attention on social media demonstrate nothing other than their lack of lucidity and rationality towards a proposal that would benefit our citizens for generations to come.

There is no doubt that as the campaign grows, and the CANZUK countries forge closer ties for economic and diplomatic gains, the morally outraged in society will crescendo their cries of “racism”, “xenophobia” and “imperialism” on grander platforms.

However, to their dismay, CANZUK International’s campaign will continue, and our four countries will grow stronger and more prosperous as our policies for free movement and trade are enacted. In the end, their cries of political indignation will fall on deaf ears, and those who support prosperity, opportunity and diplomacy between four of the most politically progressive countries in the world will reap the benefits of CANZUK negotiations for years to come.

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