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Leading Think Tank Backs CANZUK Freedom Of Movement

A leading think tank in the United Kingdom has backed CANZUK International’s proposals for free movement between Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom and called for reciprocal migration between the countries to be “implemented immediately”.

The Institute of Economic Affairs in the UK has publicly backed CANZUK freedom of movement

Written by James Skinner
James is the founder & chief executive of CANZUK International in Vancouver, Canada


The Institute of Economic Affairs, based in London, has published its latest report titled “Immigration: Picking the low-hanging fruits”, which has called for the UK government to scrap its net migration target and introduce a more streamlined immigration system.

The report, written by Dr. Kristian Niemietz, focuses on public sentiment towards immigration in the UK, emphasizing that the UK public is neither pro nor anti-immigration, but generally supportive of certain types of immigration into the country.

“Most people in Britain are not per se “anti immigration” or “pro-immigration”…there are types of immigration that are widely accepted, or even popular with the public”, the report said.

“This means that there are opportunities to liberalise our approach to immigration in some respects with popular support. It is not the case that clamping down on immigration is automatically popular, or that liberalising immigration is automatically unpopular.”

With the UK scheduled to leave the European Union in March 2019, many have criticised its departure for removing citizens’ abilities to freely move between the 28 member bloc. However, the report also states that the UK could indeed set its own free movement protocols with highly desirable countries, including Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

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“Debates about post-Brexit immigration policy options are predicated on the assumption that after Brexit, the UK must have one single immigration regime vis-à-vis the EU as a whole. This is not true. The UK could keep free movement with some countries, and end it for others”, the report states.

“There is a two-thirds majority for free movement between Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the UK (“CANZUK”). This is a clear-cut example of where immigration policy can be liberalised with public support. Free movement between these countries should be introduced immediately, ideally on a reciprocal basis, or unilaterally if not. This could potentially be extended to other countries, if and when there is public support for it.”

The report has echoed calls for CANZUK freedom of movement along with UK think tank, The Adam Smith Institute, and compliments the work of The McKell Institute in Australia and Demos in the UK, who have also called for a comprehensive free trade agreement between the UK and Australia.

CANZUK International will seek to collaborate with the Institute of Economic Affairs, as well as continue working with The Adam Smith Institute, and garner further support among leading think tanks in Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom for its free movement proposals.

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