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UK & Australia Set To Begin First Human Trials Of Coronavirus Vaccine

As the number of Coronavirus (COVID-19) cases continue to rise, the UK will begin human trials of a vaccine in the coming days, while Australia are close behind with their own medical research and development.

UK Health Secretary, Matt Hancock, provides a daily briefing of the government’s COVID-19 response (photo: AFP)
Written by James Skinner

James is the Founder & Chief Executive of CANZUK International in Toronto, Canada


Health Secretary Matt Hancock said earlier this week that the UK government’s strategy for fighting the virus has succeeded, with the number of reported infections steadily dropping and recovery rates high.

While addressing a press conference in London, Hancock said:

“In the long run, the best way to defeat Coronavirus is through a vaccine. The UK is at the front of the global effort. We have put more money than any other country into a global search for a vaccine and for all the efforts around the world, two of the leading vaccine developments are taking place here at home.”

The trials will utilize a drug developed at Oxford University and the UK government have invested £20 million to support its research and development.

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Meanwhile, another £20.5 million will go towards a separate project at London’s Imperial College.

Following close behind, the first human trials in Australia for the COVID-19 vaccine are set to begin, with two clinics in Melbourne and Brisbane testing the vaccine on more than 100 healthy volunteers between the ages of 18 and 52.

Research and development for a vaccine has been fast-tracked in Australia and the UK due to each country’s strong medical and healthcare industries. A 2020 US News & World Report study ranked each country in the top 10 of the best healthcare systems in the world – Australia in 8th and the United Kingdom in 6th.

Canada was ranked No.1 overall, who have also invested millions of dollars into vaccination research for the COVID-19 pandemic.

With our proposals for a reciprocal CANZUK healthcare agreement and the already thriving healthcare industries in each country, the CANZUK nations have the potential to advance medical research and development and provide globally recognized healthcare standards for the benefit of the international community.

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