NZ National Party: Free Trade With UK “Should Include Free Movement Of People”

Following confirmation from the UK, Australian and New Zealand governments that trade negotiations between the countries will commence this month, the National Party of New Zealand have stated any finalized agreements should include free movement of people.

Spokesman Todd McClay has encouraged free movement as part of upcoming trade deals with the UK (photo: Financial Tribune)
Written by James Skinner
James is the Founder & Chief Executive of CANZUK International in Toronto, Canada


June 17th encompassed a major accomplishment for the CANZUK campaign, as the governments of Australia, New Zealand and the UK confirmed that post-Brexit trade negotiations would commence at the end of the month.

The National Party of New Zealand, the country’s official opposition party, also welcomed the news:

“New Zealand must secure a comprehensive Free Trade Agreement with the UK without any trade restriction,” said Todd McClay, the party’s Spokesperson for trade and Member of New Zealand’s Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade Select Committee.

“Crucially, for a deal to be judged a success, it must be equal to our Closer Economic Relations (CER) Trade Agreement with Australia, and include unrestricted trade in agriculture products”.

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McClay’s comments echo those of CANZUK International by supporting Canada and the United Kingdom joining the CER trade agreement that exists between Australia and New Zealand. The agreement provides for the removal of tariffs and implements skills recognition for trained professionals across the countries.

Addressing the party’s stance on the freedom of movement of citizens, McClay stated:

“New Zealand and the UK have a long history and strong relationship. Our citizens live, work and holiday together and bringing the travel and trade under one agreement will strengthen the relationship further. For this reason, the Government should model the NZ/UK free trade agreement on the CER agreement with Australia, our most comprehensive agreement to date, and it should include free movement of people.”

The confirmation of trade talks have been received positively across the CANZUK countries, with Australia’s Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, confirming that trade negotiations will provide opportunities for citizens “to live and work in each other’s countries”.

CANZUK International will continue to work with the government and official opposition of New Zealand, and ensure that upcoming trade negotiations between the UK, Australia and New Zealand reflect our organization’s free movement and trade policies.

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