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UK Appoints Pro-CANZUK Former Prime Minister As Board Of Trade President

Former Prime Minister of Australia and advocate for CANZUK, Tony Abbott, has been appointed by the UK government to lead the country’s post-Brexit trade mission.

Tony Abbott, who is pro-CANZUK, has been appointed as the new President of the UK Board of Trade
Written by James Skinner
James is the Founder & Chief Executive of CANZUK International in Toronto, Canada


Abbott was Prime Minister of Australia from 2013-15 and has been hired as Joint President of the Board of Trade to help shape the UK’s new trading relationships with the world.

Current Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, said last night that the appointment was a “good hire” by the UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, as he seeks trade deals with Australia, New Zealand and Canada that will advocate freer movement among the nations.

Abbott, who was born in England, has repeatedly endorsed CANZUK values of trade and freer movement between the like-minded countries:

“I hope that we can very swiftly do a free trade deal with a post-Brexit Britain, and frankly, it ought to be a one-page free trade deal,” he said via live video-link in July.

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“There should be free movement of people, for work not welfare…a lot of great Britons were born in Australia and a lot of great Australians were born in Britain, and long may that continue to be the case.”

It is now widely expected that Abbott will promote closer relations between the UK and Australia, commencing with the ongoing trade negotiations and further advancing freer movement between the four CANZUK countries.

Calls for free movement between the UK and Australia are already underway, as last week, Senator for Victoria, James Paterson, endorsed CANZUK stating that a free trade and movement bloc between the four nations should be pursued.

CANZUK International congratulates Tony Abbott on his appointment to the UK Board of Trade and will work with the UK government to ensure that CANZUK migration, trade and foreign policy accords are a priority for the government as they conclude trade negotiations with the European Union.

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