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Polling Reveals The UK’s Favourite Countries Are Canada, Australia & New Zealand

The latest polling in the United Kingdom has revealed which countries British citizens favour the most, with Canada, Australia and New Zealand topping the global list.

The UK views CANZUK countries as the most favourable in the world, according to recent polling (photo: YouGov)
Written by James Skinner
James is the Founder & Chief Executive of CANZUK International in Toronto, Canada


A year long study conducted by UK firm YouGov polled British citizens about which countries they feel most positively and negatively towards.

Polling was conducted from October 2019 to October 2020, and respondents were asked to rank 195 countries in order of most favourable to least favourable.

As a strong demonstration of the close relationships between CANZUK countries, Canada, Australia and New Zealand topped the list, with British citizens ranking the three countries as the most favourable in the world (even more so than their native United Kingdom).

New Zealand was ranked as the most favourable country, polling over 80% with the British public. In second was Canada at 80% (slightly below New Zealand) and third was Australia with 79%. The UK was viewed favourably by 78% of respondents.

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The next closest country was Spain at 72%, likely due to the high volume of British retirees who undertake residency there. Italy and Norway also came in sixth and seventh, respectively, with 69%.

When asked about why respondents felt such a close affinity with the CANZUK countries, the most common responses were “the people are great”, with cultural affiliations and environmental standards also impacting people’s decisions.

The results of the YouGov poll complement the results of polling conducted in 2018, whereby 68% of British respondents said they favour implementing free movement with Canada, Australia and New Zealand. This was also reciprocated throughout all CANZUK countries, with 73% in Australia, 76% in Canada and 82% in New Zealand also favouring free movement between the four nations.

The polling demonstrates the strong affiliations that British citizens have with Canada, Australia and New Zealand, and why implementing policies of free movement and trade between these countries is a common-sense approach that would thrive given our close cultural and historical relationships.

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