Australia & UK “Confident” Trade Deal To Be Finalized By Year-End

Australia and the United Kingdom are “very confident” that their free trade agreement will be finalized by the end of 2021, leading to tariff-free trade and opportunities for freer movement between the two nations.

Boris Johnson Scott Morrison CANZUK
Prime Ministers Boris Johnson & Scott Morrison meet for trade talks (photo: Reuters)
Written by James Skinner
James is the Founder & Chief Executive of CANZUK International in Toronto, Canada


The Chief Executive Officer of the Australian British Chamber of Commerce, David McCredie, told Sky News Australia of the trade deal’s expected timeline.

“We’re inching ever closer,” he said. “We’re really close, not quite there yet, but watch this space and I don’t think it’s very far away at all.”.

The UK announced an agreement-in-principle with Australia in June after months of negotiations to finalize the finer details regarding agriculture, visas and exports.

“There’s real excitement about the opportunity to not just to get the deal done, but to really uplift the trade and particularly the investment and the mobility between the two countries,” McCredie told Sky News.

The agreement is significant for the CANZUK campaign as it not only provides for the freer movement of goods between the two nations, but will bring in sweeping reforms to the UK and Australia’s immigration protocols. The Australian government are already seeking to expand visa changes over the coming months to lure more British workers to Australia (with reciprocity offered by the British government in return).

Australian Trade Minister, Dan Tehan, has already stated that Australia would be “willing to do more” than what the new trade agreement will offer on mobility, saying, “If we can’t have free exchange and movement of people between ourselves, then who can we have it with?”.

CANZUK International welcomes the news of the Australia-UK trade agreement’s timeline and will continue to work with Ministers across both countries to push for significant visa reforms and freer movement of citizens.

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