Volunteer With CANZUK International

Do you want to be part of one of the fastest growing political campaigns in the world? Are you passionate about the introduction of free movement, free trade and foreign policy cooperation between Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom? If so, we would love for you to get involved…

A big part of our campaign involves people like you who are passionate about CANZUK and want to be ambassadors for our cause. You can make a significant difference by carrying out each of the following tasks:

Sign Our Online Petition
Our petition is viewed daily by politicians, diplomats and government officials across the world. The more signatures we receive, the more we demonstrate global support for our initiative, providing a mandate for our respective governments to adopt our proposals as official immigration, trade and foreign policy.
To sign our online petition, please click here.
Our campaign is 100% supported by donors like you, and your financial contributions help us ensure that free movement and trade policies between Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom are recognised and discussed among MPs, senior government officials and diplomats.
To make an online donation, please click here.
Contact Your Local MP
Change within our parliaments begins with parliamentary members drafting Bills and promoting causes which the public support. By writing to your local MP, you are asking them to represent your voice in parliament and advocate CANZUK free movement within their respective national governments.
To contact your MP using our letter/email template, please click here.
Distribute Campaign Materials
We have plenty of brochures, publications and infographics that explain the benefits of CANZUK free movement, trade and foreign policy cooperation, and your help in distributing them will assist our campaign and generate greater support for our proposals.
You can download our campaign materials for distribution here.
Set Up A Regional Supporters’ Group
Would you like to set up a supporters’ group in your local community and actively campaign in public or on social media? If so, we have all the campaign materials needed for successful outreach in your town/city…all we need is you!
To set up a local supporters’ group, follow our online guide here.
Set Up A University Group Or Event
If you are a university or college student, or about to start further education, setting up a university supporters club or event is a great way to reach young people and promote our campaign to the next generation of CANZUK supporters.
To set up a university chapter, read our online step-by-step guide.
Organize & Attend Meetups
Meeting with like-minded individuals who support CANZUK free movement and trade is a great way to form local groups, ask questions and raise funds for the campaign, all while meeting some interesting new people!
Learn more about organizing events in your local area by reading our easy-to-use guide.


We sincerely appreciate the support and efforts of all our volunteers, and with your help, CANZUK International will continue to advocate for, and achieve, diplomatic policy developments between Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.