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  • CANZUK Nations Top ''Best Countries'' Rankings

    The latest "Best Countries" rankings published by U.S. News have revealed Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom stand out as the top countries in the world for quality of life, wealth and economic opportunity.

    U.S. News ranks the CANZUK countries as the highest quality of life in the world  (photo: U.S. News)

       Written by James Skinner
    More than 80 countries were surveyed across 24 rankings, determining each country's "Adventure, Citizenship, Cultural Influence, Entrepreneurship, Heritage, Movers, Open for Business, Power and Quality of Life".

    Canada scored the highest of the CANZUK nations, placing 2nd overall, with the United Kingdom 3rd, Australia 8th and New Zealand 14th.

    Each of the CANZUK nations placed higher than many other highly developed countries around the world, including Italy, Luxembourg, Austria, Ireland, China and Russia.

    Switzerland came out top of the rankings, boasting a GDP of $701 billion, a GDP per capita of $58,647 and a population of 8.3 million people.

    CANZUK International campaigns for greater economic growth and prosperity between the CANZUK nations through free trade and free movement agreements, and the latest rankings from U.S. News confirm that such prosperity would be achieved through economic and diplomatic arrangements.

    Taking an average of the rankings from Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the UK places the CANZUK countries 6th, ahead of major regional powers such as Sweden, the United States of America, France, Norway and Denmark.

    Through greater cooperation, achievable via free trade, free movement and foreign policy coordination, the CANZUK nations can not only enhance their global influence within the international community, but develop greater prosperity, business opportunities and quality of life for each of their citizens.

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  • Over 180,000 People Sign CANZUK Petition

    CANZUK International's online petition, advocating the free movement of citizens between Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom, has received over 180,000 signatures (and is continuing to rise).

    Over 180,000 people have signed our online petition promoting CANZUK freedom of movement

    Our support is growing rapidly every day, and members of the public (as well as high-profile politicians and diplomats) are pledging their support for visa free/work permit free travel for citizens between the CANZUK nations.

    Our petition is also one of the most viewed petitions on Change.org this month, as thousands of people have signed and shared online, demonstrating huge support for our proposals across the world and promoting our cause as one of the fastest growing issues within international politics.

    The campaign is making tremendous progress, and we are determined to continue increasing our awareness so free movement will be adopted as official immigration policy of Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

    However, we can only achieve this with your continued support…

    How Can I Help?

    Sign and share our online petition – with over 180,000 signatures, our petition is being viewed daily by politicians, diplomats and government officials across the world. The more signatures we receive, the more we demonstrate global support for our initiative, providing a mandate for our respective governments to adopt free movement as official immigration policy.

    To sign our online petition, please click here.

    Donate - we rely solely on financial donations from the general public to ensure that free movement between Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom is recognised and discussed among MPs, senior government officials and diplomats.

    Please help us continue our campaign by donating today.

    Contact your local MP – change within our parliaments begins with parliamentary members drafting Bills and promoting causes which the public support. By writing to your local MP, you are asking them to represent your voice in parliament and advocate CANZUK free movement within their respective national governments.

    For details about contacting your local Member of Parliament, please click here.

    We sincerely appreciate all support and efforts made to promote freedom of movement between Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom, and with your help, CANZUK International will continue to advocate, and achieve, free movement policies between these four countries.

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  • UK Radio Host Supports Free Movement Proposals

    A leading presenter for LBC Radio in the United Kingdom has endorsed CANZUK freedom of movement, following former Prime Minister of Australia, Tony Abbott, calling for free movement between Australia and the UK last week.

    Maajid Nawaz expressed his support for CANZUK free movement on LBC Radio this week  (photo: LBC Radio UK)

       Written by James Skinner

    Speaking on his show, Maajid Nawaz explained why he supported Tony Abbott's proposals for free movement, which would allow citizens to travel freely between Australia and the UK with unrestricted living and working rights:

    "If you make it very clear that it’s for work and not for welfare, you have the flexibility with free movement because the jobs market is in flux, its flexible..."

    The issue of free movement became a hot topic this week, as the UK government confirmed that Australia and New Zealand are first in line for post-Brexit trade deals, which are likely to include agreements involving visa liberalisation and freer movement.

    Canada is also prioritised for post-Brexit agreements once UK Prime Minister, Theresa May, invokes Article 50 (the process required to formally leave the European Union) later this month.

    "With certain countries, if you opened up a free jobs market relationship with those countries, and said ''you can come here for work and not for welfare'', that would satisfy both the Brexiteers and the relationship that the Remainers wanted with the EU (but instead with other countries)”, Nawaz said.

    CANZUK International will be meeting with senior government officials this month to ensure that CANZUK free movement is a priority policy for the UK government once withdrawal from the European Union is implemented. Updates regarding our progress will be published via our social media accounts.

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  • Canada ''At Front Of Queue'' For Brexit Trade Deals

    As the United Kingdom prepares to begin its formal negotiations to leave the European Union, the British government is looking to the Commonwealth for new business opportunities, and reports indicate that Canada is at the front of the queue.

    Canada has already expressed great interest in striking Brexit trade agreements with the UK  (photo: toutdz)

       Written by James Skinner

    Global News Network in Canada is reporting that Canada is "at the front of the queue" for post-Brexit trade deals, following the first ever Commonwealth Trade Ministers' Meeting in London last week.

    The report affirms that CANZUK countries are top priority for the UK government, as Canada will now join Australia and New Zealand in being the first to establish trade deals following the UK's departure from the European Union.

    Trade Ministers from 30 Commonwealth countries met to discuss upcoming trade negotiations, with Canada represented by its Minister of International Trade François-Philippe Champagne. Reports suggest that discussions were productive, with tremendous support for trade agreements advocated by the UK's Secretary for International Trade, Liam Fox.

    A recent poll in the UK asked 500 companies which of the 52 Commonwealth countries should take priority in trade talks. Overall, Australia came first, followed by Canada and Singapore. But Canada was the top choice for London-based businesses.

    We view (Brexit) as an opportunity for Canadian companies to enter UK supply chains,” said Stephen Wilhelm of Export Development Canada, which opened an office in London last year.

    If we can get Canadian companies into UK supply chains, they may in fact benefit from UK companies looking to grow internationally, including those who have before been primarily reliant on the EU.

    Wilhelm noted that Canadian and British officials already have a blueprint for future trade talks, as Canada signed CETA (the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement) with the European Union last year, which will remove 98% of tarrifs.

    However, upon invoking Article 50, the United Kingdom will no longer be a party to CETA, allowing the government to negotiate its own trade deals with Canada, which will likely include immigration deals promoting visa liberalisation and freer movement.

    There are over 1100 Canadian companies currently operating in the UK, all of whom will be eager for trade neogitations to begin as soon as possible. However, official discussions for a Canada-UK trade agreement will likely have to wait until after the Brexit negotiations are complete. The formal talks are expected to begin by the end of March and last up to two years.

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  • UK Favours Free Movement With CANZUK Over EU

    For decades, the UK has discriminated in its immigration policies, depending upon where the immigrant was from. It has been easier to get into the UK if you were from, say, France than if you were from, say, Somalia. We thus have no deep-seated objection to discriminating between countries.

    Research indicates that more UK citizens favour free movement with Australia, Canada and New Zealand than the EU

       Written by Andrew Lilico - The Telegraph

    We are now leaving the EU. There appear to be two broad schools of thought on how our post-Brexit immigration policies should work. According to one idea, we should take the opportunity of Brexit to be completely non-discriminating, treating immigrants from all countries in the same way.

    According to the other idea, we should continue to give favourable treatment to immigrants from the EU, just not as favourable, relative to other countries, as we have had up to now.

    But why are these the only two options? Why couldn’t we have more favourable treatment for immigrants from some other countries than the EU? Folk say: “Voters want immigration from everywhere curtailed.But that just isn’t true.

    Specifically, last year the Royal Commonwealth Society conducted a survey of views on whether there should be completely free movement between Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the UK (the so-called “CANZUK” countries). That found three to one support in the UK, among those with an opinion (58 per cent including those “unsure”) for free movement within CANZUK. (Support was, incidentally, even higher among those in the other CANZUK states: five to one in Canada, seven to one in Australia, and eight to one in New Zealand.)

    We do not currently have free movement within CANZUK. So, far from UK voters wanting a crackdown on immigration from the CANZUK countries (which, for example, the British government is doing from this April within its £1,000 per worker, per year “immigration skills charge”), voters actually want the rules relaxed!

    We seem queasy about saying it, but voters do not regard immigration from all countries as the same. Our policy has not regarded it as the same, either, for decades, if ever. So the question is not really “is it legitimate to discriminate?” The real question is: “which countries do we want to discriminate in favour of?

    Perhaps three easy examples of countries Britons are happy to discriminate in favour of are Man, Guernsey and Ireland. Folk coming from these places may or may not see Britain as “foreign”; Britons don’t see folk from those places as foreign and our immigration laws with respect to them are as relaxed as it is possible to be. Indeed, folk from Man and Guernsey are even given UK Citizenship.

    But are folk from New Zealand, say, really any more “foreigners” in Britain than are folk from Man or Guernsey or Ireland? The Irish are arguably much more foreign. After all, New Zealand still uses the Queen, and has sided with Britain in just about every military conflict going — including some where everyone else abandoned us.

    It’s clear from the opinion polls that Britons regard Canadians, Australians and New Zealanders qualitatively differently from folk of every other country.

    For example, in 2011, YouGov did a survey for Chatham House of “British Attitudes Towards the UK’s International Priorities”. One of the questions asked of the British survey respondents was “which of the following countries, if any, do you feel especially favourable towards?It wasn’t close.

    48 per cent said they felt especially favourable towards Australia, 47 per cent towards New Zealand and 44 per cent towards Canada. The next most favourably regarded country, the US, was way behind on 31 per cent.

    Over 82% of the New Zealand population favours free movement with Australia, Canada & the UK  (photo: awesometravel.co.za)

    In Europe, even the most well-regarded states, the Netherlands and Sweden, trailed badly on 24 and 23 per cent. (Ireland was only 18 per cent.)

    And note that while direct familial connection and perhaps the sense that folk in these countries are similar in status to British ex-pats are surely key factors in positive British sentiment, it isn’t about race. In the case of New Zealand, around 20 per cent of the population are Maoris or Pacific Islanders and a further 10 per cent are “Asian” — a “non-white” population of over 30 per cent, well in excess of that in, say, the Netherlands (12 per cent) or France (15 per cent), let alone Poland (where well over 99 per cent of the population is “white”).

    If Britons just wanted relationships with “white” countries they’d be very keen on Polish immigrants and seeking to crack down on immigration by New Zealanders. But in fact exactly the opposite is true.

    Britons don’t think of CANZUK countries in the same way they think of any other countries in the world, and they don’t want to restrict immigration from these countries.

    So why, if restrictions on immigration are supposedly a response to public clamour, are we restricting immigration from countries that the public wants free movement with and regards as our closest kin in the world?

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  • Australia & New Zealand ''First In Line'' For Brexit Deal

    Australia and New Zealand will be first in line to sign a free trade agreement with the United Kingdom after it leaves the European Union, according to New Zealand’s Trade Minister.

    Todd McClay has revealed New Zealand & Australia will be first in line for Brexit trade deals  (photo: Financial Tribune)

       Written by James Skinner

    Addressing his followers on Twitter, Todd McClay confirmed that New Zealand and Australia would be the first to enter into a new arrangement with the UK when it leaves the European Union this month.

    Mr McClay said: “For the first time, Liam Fox has confirmed New Zealand will be the first cab off the rank, along with Australia, when it comes to the new FTAs they do once they leave the European Union.

    "We’ve been working hard at this for the last six or seven months, and it is extremely pleasing to hear because it means once the UK leaves the EU we have the opportunity to negotiate a high-quality, comprehensive free trade agreement, that will guarantee a secure ongoing access for Kiwis and Kiwi exporters to the important UK market.

    “There’s still a lot more to do but our relationship with the United Kingdom is going from strength to strength.”

    Mr McClay was speaking after he met with the UK's International Trade Secretary, Liam Fox, who asserted the importance that the UK places on its trading relationship with New Zealand.

    The confirmation is significant news for CANZUK International's campaign, as multiple sources have confirmed that free trade agreements between Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom will likely include immigration deals for visa liberalisation and freer movement.

    Former Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, has already called for free movement between Australia and the UK as part of any post-Brexit free trade agreement, as has Australia's High Commissioner to the United Kingdom, Alexander Downer.

    CANZUK International will continue to work with senior government officials and diplomats throughout the Brexit process to ensure trade and immigration deals are secured between the CANZUK nations following the UK's withdrawal from the European Union.

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