Fundraising Policy

It is the policy of CANZUK International to uphold strict standards of confidentiality with regards to all private donations, unless the respective donor wishes for details of his/her donation to be published. Requests to publish private donations for public viewership will only be honoured for donations valued at or over £5000 (or equivalent by international currency standards).

It is also our policy to seek funds from a wide range of sources and to accept funding from any donor, whether monetary or in kind, provided that acceptance does not;

1.) Impair CANZUK International’s ability to pursue its mission;

2.) Endanger CANZUK International’s integrity, image or reputation negatively;

3.) Negatively affect the work of CANZUK International;

4.) Affect the validity of the organisation’s objectives or its policies; and

5.) Lead to a decline in the assets of CANZUK International.

The refusal or acceptance of a donation/donations is the responsibility of the Fundraising Manager. If there is some ambiguity as to whether a donation can be accepted, the decision is referred to the Board of Directors, where the ultimate decision for accepting or declining a donation/donations is finalised.