• Research & Publications

    CANZUK International is committed to increasing economic, political and diplomatic ties between the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

    As such, we undertake numerous methods of research to produce reports and publications advancing foreign affairs, free trade and freedom of movement, which are submitted to each of the British, Canadian, Australian and New Zealand parliaments for review.

    Below are the completed publications we have submitted to senior government officials to advance our campaign. For more information regarding our publications, please contact us.

    "The Future Of The Trans-Tasman Travel Agreement - Recommendations For Australia "

    February, 2017
    (View & Download Here)

    Analysing the Trans-Tasman Travel Agreement (TTTA) that exists between Australia and New Zealand and its potential for Canada and the United Kingdom to join said agreement. The report was submitted to the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade for consideration as part of their prospective Foreign Policy White Paper in 2017.


    "The Trans-Tasman Travel Agreement And Its Place In CANZUK Free Movement"

    December, 2016
    (View & Download Here)

    Analysing why the Trans-Tasman Travel Agreement (TTTA) between Australia and New Zealand is the ideal model for free movement to include Canada and the United Kingdom. This report details what improvements can be made to the TTTA to be inclusive of Canada and the United Kingdom, and summary recommendations for a future freedom of movement initiative between the four nations.


    "Research Concluding Canada & UK Most Popular Destinations For Free Movement"

    November, 2016
    (View & Download Here)

    Analysing research conducted from August to October, 2016, with 2,188 participants. This report details where CANZUK citizens would most like to relocate to if freedom of movement were introduced, and why they would relocate.


    "Research & Report Regarding Preferences For CANZUK Freedom Of Movement"

    May, 2016
    (View & Download Here)

    Analysis of 1,230 participants who provided information regarding their intentions to relocate (should a CANZUK free movement initiative be introduced), why they would consider relocating, what eligibility requirements (if any) should be implemented as part of a freedom of movement initiative, and other questions.

    [All publications of CANZUK International are subject to copyright and may only be modified, or credited under any other name, with express permission from the author]