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Latest Poll Shows Significant Public Support For CANZUK Free Movement

Recent polling for 2018, conducted across Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom, has revealed significant public support for reciprocal freedom of movement between the four countries.

Polling of over 13,600 people shows significant support for CANZUK free movement

Written by James Skinner
James is the founder & chief executive of CANZUK International in Vancouver, Canada


The poll of over 13,600 people was conducted across Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom from January 1st to March 31st 2018, and reveals continued support in each of the four countries, and individual regions, for reciprocal free movement of citizens.

Over 76% of those polled in Canada favoured the introduction of free movement between the four countries, with 68% support in the UK, 73% support in Australia and 82% support in New Zealand.

Compared to previous polling conducted in 2017, an increase in overall support for CANZUK free movement is observed, with the greatest increase demonstrated in the United Kingdom with +4%.

Regional polling was also conducted to examine support within each of the countries, with significant support for CANZUK free movement observed on the North Island of New Zealand with 83%, British Columbia with 82%, and New South Wales with 79%.

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The poll results come as the British government seeks new trading and diplomatic relations outside of the European Union, while support for such relations have been expressed by the governments of Canada, Australia and New Zealand in previous months.

CANZUK International’s report regarding the poll results can be downloaded here, and will be presented to Members of Parliament in the coming weeks.
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