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Former Prime Minister Encourages Free Movement Between Australia and UK

Former Prime Minister of Australia, Tony Abbott, has encouraged the establishment of free movement between the UK and Australia ahead of the two countries commencing post-Brexit free trade negotiations.

Former Australian Prime Minister. Tony Abbott has urged free movement between Australia and the UK (photo: Getty)
Written by James Skinner
James is the Founder & Chief Executive of CANZUK International in Toronto, Canada


Speaking via a live video link, the former Prime Minister and Member of Parliament for Warringah commented on Australia’s upcoming negotiations with the UK and the benefits of a swift agreement between the two countries.

“I hope that we can very swiftly do a free trade deal with a post-Brexit Britain, and frankly, it ought to be a one-page free trade deal,” he said.

Abbott stated that a future deal between Australia and the UK should encompass special benefits for consumers, primarily the free flow of goods and services between the countries and the mutual recognition of skills and qualifications for citizens.

Mutual skills recognition between CANZUK countries has been a long-standing advocacy issue for CANZUK International, as implementation of these measures would allow professionals to work freely in other CANZUK countries without the need for re-testing, additional examinations or skills assessments to prove their qualifications.

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“If you’re a doctor in Sydney, you ought to be able to practice in London and vice-versa,” said Abbott.

Commenting specifically on free movement of people between Australia and the UK, Abbott stated:

“As far as Britain and Australia are concerned, there should be free movement of people, for work not welfare…a lot of great Britons were born in Australia and a lot of great Australians were born in Britain, and long may that continue to be the case.”

The comments from Abbott regarding free movement between the UK and Australia come soon after the British government stated it “shares CANZUK ambitions” to seek closer cooperation between Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom following the end of the UK’s transition period with the European Union in December 2020.

CANZUK International will continue to liaise with former and current political representatives across Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom to ensure that free movement and trade between the CANZUK countries are priority policies as the UK finalizes its exit from the European Union.

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