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Watch Now: “A Look At CANZUK” Live Panel Discussion

Leading experts from across Canada and the United Kingdom attended a live online panel discussion to discuss CANZUK, including reciprocal migration, trade, foreign policy and other diplomatic arrangements between the four countries.

The panel met virtually on December 17th, 2020 and featured prominent guests from across the CANZUK countries.
The live broadcast was hosted by the Canada Strong & Free Network and included experts in the fields of trade, diplomacy, security and migration.

Founder and Chief Executive of CANZUK International, James Skinner, moderated the hour-long discussion, featuring Dr. Kelly Sundberg, Brent Cameron, David Clement, former MEP, Daniel Hannan, and former International Trade Minister, Ed Fast MP.

The panelists provided numerous insights into the benefits of closer diplomatic cooperation between Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom, emphasizing the growing support for CANZUK among the public and how CANZUK could develop beyond migration, trade and foreign policy arrangements.

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A significant development was also revealed from Ed Fast MP, who confirmed that Canadian Opposition Leader, Erin O’Toole MP, recently appointed him to represent CANZUK and engage in discussions with politicians and stakeholders across Canada, Australia, New Zealand & the United Kingdom.

“[Erin] has asked that I lead the effort to reach out to key stakeholders in all four countries,” Fast said. We have embarked on that process, and the response we have received has been beyond what I would have expected. The response has been very positive – in fact, it’s hard to find someone who pushes back on it”.

Fast also confirmed that his role involves developing “critical momentum” within Canada to ensure that CANZUK is easily negotiated and implemented with Australia, New Zealand & the United Kingdom, and takes the four nations’ relationship beyond their current bilateral arrangements.

The live panel discussion can be viewed below:

CANZUK International will continue to organize and attend live discussions about CANZUK throughout 2021, and will work with political representatives and stakeholders in the coming months to advocate for closer diplomatic ties between Canada, Australia, New Zealand & the United Kingdom.

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