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Australia-UK Trade Deal To Grant Living & Working Rights

Government officials have stated that the upcoming trade deal between Australia and the UK will include living and working rights for young people and professionals.

The upcoming Australia-UK trade deal will include freer movement for young people and working professionals (photo: Alamy)
Written by James Skinner
James is the Founder & Chief Executive of CANZUK International in Toronto, Canada


As reported by the Sunday Herald Sun in Australia, both British and Australian citizens are very likely to see the significant liberalization of working rights in 2021.

The deal will make it easier for professionals such as doctors, nurses, teachers and lawyers to work between the two countries, with improved access for young people to undertake working holidays – a common pathway to permanent residency.

Australian Trade Minister, Dan Tehan, said Australia and the UK ­already have deep and strong links, which form a key part of the bilateral relationship:

“We are exploring ways to enhance mobility in our bilateral FTA beyond our existing commitments to the UK, and tailored to areas of specific interest…including to support young professionals, innovation, and youth mobility,” he said. “While discussions with the UK on mobility are ongoing, the government expects this will be a key component.”

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The fourth round of negotiations over the deal concluded in February, with the next round not scheduled until late April because the UK is continuing its trade negotiations with New Zealand.

If successful, Australia will be the first country to be granted improved access to the British job market since the UK left the European Union.

The ability to live and work between the two countries has gradually diminished for Australian and British citizens since the UK’s Commonwealth Immigrants Act in 1962. However, in recent years, numerous MPs and Senators have called for greater liberalization of visas and work permits between the countries, with the intention of establishing a full CANZUK mobility agreement.

CANZUK International is delighted with the announcement and the upcoming regulations concerning freer movement for citizens. We will continue to lobby and advocate for freer movement of all citizens between Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom and progress similar arrangements between the four countries.

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