Research Begins For A CANZUK Space Agency

A private foundation has announced funding to begin an in-depth study for establishing a Canada, Australia, New Zealand & United Kingdom (CANZUK) space agency, which will enhance communications, technology and exploration between the four countries.

Written by James Skinner
James is the Founder & Chief Executive of CANZUK International in Toronto, Canada


The Explorers Foundation – a private foundation based in Denver, USA – has completed funding for the project, with the study expected to begin in the coming months.

The study will also be conducted in three stages; the first reviewing existing space activity in the CANZUK nations and developing models for CANZUK space cooperation, the second examining more models for doing so in greater detail, and the third examining the implications of a CANZUK model for other medium-level powers, and US-CANZUK cooperation in space, including the development of Common-Law-based space commercial and property law.

“In recent years, a “CANZUK” movement has arisen in those four countries, dedicated in the short term to the threefold goal of CANZUK free trade, free movement, and increased cooperation,” the press release states.

“One of the main themes of the CANZUK Space Study is that the new commercial space revolution has made it more possible to do more in space for much less than ever before…The CANZUK grouping is well-placed for such a model, with Britain having particular expertise in small, low-cost satellites, Canada in radar imaging of the Earth, Australia with one of the best test ranges in the world, and New Zealand hosting a very effective private launch industry.”

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Rather than recreate the model of the European Space Agency which relies heavily on government programs and funding, The Explorers Foundation will research non-government ventures between the four countries, easing barriers such as technology transfer controls, compatible policies on property rights in space and favourable intellectual property regimes.

The Explorers Foundation are also engaging in discussions with other organizations and co-publishers, with confirmations to be announced at a later date.

CANZUK International will provide assistance to The Explorers Foundation wherever possible and collaborate on the publication and communication of CANZUK space agency reports with political representatives as they become available.

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