Canadian MPs Support CANZUK Agreement In Parliament

During a parliamentary debate on trade and foreign affairs, Canadian MPs pledged their support for a CANZUK agreement and highlighted the benefits of Canada pursuing closer ties with Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

Written by James Skinner
James is the Founder & Chief Executive of CANZUK International in Toronto, Canada


The support was expressed during a parliamentary debate on future trading relations between the UK and Canada, including the UK-Canada Trade Continuity Agreement and upcoming trading arrangements between the two nations.

Speaking from the House of Commons, the Member of Parliament for Calgary Midnapore, Stephanie Kusie, described CANZUK as “an incredible opportunity” for Canada to pursue in the coming months:

“The member for Langley—Aldergrove also reminds me of another incredible opportunity, which I forgot to mention in my speech, and that is CANZUK,” she said. I know the leader of the official opposition is a big fan of this. This is another example of another incredible opportunity beyond the U.K. to other nations that have similar values to Canada.”

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Later in the debate, Member of Parliament for Sherwood Park—Fort Saskatchewan, Garnett Genuis, also pledged his support for closer ties between the four nations, stating:

“It follows naturally from our party’s deep commitment to the importance of our ties with the U.K., of our ties with other CANZUK partners and recognizing the importance of Canada’s position as a global trading nation.”

“Our leader has from the beginning championed the benefits of strengthening our ties with like-minded CANZUK countries, our relationship with the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand, four out of five of our Five Eyes partners we collaborate with on security.”

Both speeches can be viewed via the video above.

The support from both Genuis and Kusie comes after the Leader of the Opposition in Canada, Erin O’Toole MP, also pledged his support within a parliamentary debate in 2020, backing closer ties between the four CANZUK countries via trade and freedom of movement.

CANZUK International will continue to work with supportive Members of Parliament in Canada and advocate for closer diplomatic ties with Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom as part of upcoming trade, free movement and foreign policy agreements.

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