New Poll Shows UK Supports Free Movement With New Zealand

New polling commissioned by a leading think tank in the UK, the Adam Smith Institute, has revealed that a significant majority of UK citizens back freer movement with New Zealand.

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Prime Ministers Boris Johnson and Jacinda Ardern meet for talks in Wellington, New Zealand (photo: Getty Images)
Written by James Skinner
James is the Founder & Chief Executive of CANZUK International in Toronto, Canada


The new poll, conducted in conjunction with C|T Group RSR, shows that while the UK is negotiating a new trade deal with New Zealand, provisions for the free movement of citizens and mutual skills recognition should be included as part of the negotiations.

The UK has already concluded a post-Brexit free trade deal with Australia which includes greater visa mobility for those under 35, increased work opportunities for professionals (through mutual skills recognition), red-tape reduction and sweeping tariff reductions on a variety of goods and services between the two nations.

The poll revealed that 63% of British citizens support the UK agreeing a free trade deal with New Zealand that will lead to more opportunities for Brits to move to New Zealand, and New Zealanders to move to the UK. Only 8% opposed and 21% neither supported nor opposed.

There was also considerable support across all respondents who identified with political preferences; Labour (60%), Conservatives (73%), Remainers (63%) and Leavers (74%).

Even more, 69% of British citizens support a free trade deal that recognizes qualifications of trained professionals from New Zealand. With such an arrangement, skilled professionals would be able to live and work in both countries without the need to retrain or recertify their credentials and qualifications.

An earlier poll from C|T Group RSR and the Adam Smith Institute also found that 61% of British citizens back more trade with New Zealand, with just 3% wanting less trade. That poll also found that 69% believe that New Zealand has very high or fairly high food and animal rights standards, with just 3% thinking that New Zealand has low standards.

The poll results demonstrate the growing support for closer cooperation between the CANZUK countries, especially as recent polling commissioned by CANZUK International has shown significant support from Canadian citizens to implement free movement and closer foreign policy cooperation with CANZUK countries.

CANZUK International is encouraged by the continued public support for free movement and mutual skills recognition between the CANZUK countries and will continue to lobby Members of Parliament for the introduction of such provisions as part of upcoming trade deals.

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