Australia Continues Push For Free Movement With UK

The Australian and UK governments met this week to continue discussions regarding the finalization of a trade deal, and even though an agreement has yet to be signed, the Australian government are continuing their push to conclude freer movement of citizens as part of the deal.

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Ministers Dan Tehan and Anne-Marie Trevelyan meet in London for trade discussions
Written by James Skinner
James is the Founder & Chief Executive of CANZUK International in Toronto, Canada


Australian Trade Minister, Dan Tehan, travelled to London this week with the hopes of concluding the final details of the UK and Australia’s trade agreement.

However, after meeting with UK Trade Minister, Anne-Marie Trevelyan, both decided that more time was necessary to work on the finer provisions of the deal.

“I know we’re all impatient to get that signature on the final inked deal,” Tehan told the UK-Australia Chamber of Commerce at a breakfast event on Friday, the morning after his meeting with Trevelyan. “I can tell you no one is more impatient than me to get that done. But we do have to make sure that we get it right.”

Australia and the UK reached an “agreement in principle” in June, but finalizing the legal text has taken much longer than expected.

Industry insiders with insight into the negotiations have stated that the two sides were still working through tariff rates, but the aim is to get the deal into force during summer 2022.

However, there is incredible optimism for the CANZUK campaign as both Ministers have continued to focus on the free movement of people as part of the negotiations.

CANZUK International has continued to meet with Ministers from both countries over the past few months and emphasize the economic and social benefits of free movement between Australia and the UK. Whereas finalization of the trade deal has been slow, Minister Tehan has made it known that he hopes to build on migration agreements in the deal and make “free-flowing” migration a priority. Reports have also indicated that Tehan would like to see free movement provisions “as good as the UK had with the EU”.

While hopeful that the Australia-UK trade deal can be finalized soon, CANZUK International welcomes Minister Tehan’s remarks for freer movement of citizens and will continue to meet with the Australian and UK trade departments to push provisions supportive of CANZUK.

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