CANZUK International Submits Evidence For UK-New Zealand Trade Deal

CANZUK International has submitted evidence to the UK government in support of freedom of movement and tariff free trade as part of ongoing discussions surrounding the UK-New Zealand trade agreement.

CANZUK UK New Zealand
The UK government is calling for submissions of evidence regarding its trade deal with New Zealand (photo: Depositphotos)
Written by James Skinner
James is the Founder & Chief Executive of CANZUK International in Toronto, Canada


Last week, the UK government published a call for written evidence to all stakeholders regarding its upcoming trade deal with New Zealand.

Through the inquiry, the Committee will invite evidence, scrutinize the current Agreement in Principle (AiP) between the two nations, and potentially recommend a House of Commons debate should changes be required for the final free trade agreement.

“The Committee is particularly interested in finding out how this agreement will affect people and businesses across the UK, and the likely economic, social, environmental and other impacts of the agreement,” says the UK government on its Call for Evidence website.

“The Committee intends to provide parliamentary scrutiny of the agreement by inviting written evidence from interested stakeholders, analysing the text of the agreement, questioning experts, stakeholders and the Secretary of State in oral evidence sessions, and publishing a report on the agreement, in which it may recommend that the agreement is debated in the House of Commons Chamber.”

CANZUK International has submitted evidence to the Committee based on its previously published report, The Future of New Zealand’s Foreign Policy, which outlines the benefits of freedom of movement, free trade and mutual foreign policy cooperation with the United Kingdom (along with Canada and Australia).

The deadline for submissions is November 10th. Members of the public and CANZUK supportive businesses are also encouraged to submit their own evidence for consideration by the UK government.

CANZUK International will closely monitor the ongoing Committee proceedings regarding the UK-New Zealand Agreement in Principle and provide in-person evidence at the Committee stage when called upon.

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