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CANZUK International Interviews With CTV News (Canada)

CTV News in Canada spoke with CANZUK International this week, discussing the prospects of facilitated migration between Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom, and the growing support for the campaign.

CTV News conducted a live interview with CANZUK International, discussing the developments in the campaign (photo: CTV Television)

Speaking with Ben Mulroney of the “Your Morning” show, CANZUK International Chairman, John Bender, was asked about the developments of the campaign and what can be done to increase greater relations between Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom:

“We have prevailing strong links, certainly constitutionally…there are profound cultural links, historical links, a common legal tradition, and we should also remember that Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the UK collaborate very closely in the realm of national security within the context of the Five Eyes Agreement”, he said.

“Where there could be more cooperation is in the field of a multilateral free trade agreement, and that is something we, as a group, are advocating. What would be implicit in that, of course, is facilitated migration between those different countries. We have a template that is the Trans-Tasman Travel Agreement that prevails between Australia and New Zealand that’s been going since 1973, and it’s highly successful”.

When asked about the concerns that facilitated migration would bring between the CANZUK countries, including issues surrounding retirement, pension funds, insurance issues and healthcare, Bender responded:

“With certain political figures there is a bit of caution, but I find that caution is somewhat assuaged when the possibility of bringing some parameters to opt-out [are introduced] as actually exist under the Trans-Tasman Travel Agreement”, he said. “If an individual is deemed to be a threat to national security, that person can be excluded. Equally, rights to social security are based on a minimum number of years of residency…so it wouldn’t be out-and-out unfettered free movement, it would be facilitated migration”.

The full interview and accompanying article can be found via the CTV News website here.

The increase in media coverage for CANZUK International’s proposals across Canada has escalated in recent weeks, with Global News also covering the organisation’s online petition which recently surpassed 200,000 signatures.

CANZUK International will also be meeting with MPs and senior government officials in the coming weeks to further advocate migration and trade proposals between Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom, and conduct media interviews regarding the progress of the campaign.

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